Marine Surveyor Education

marine surveyor education

Marine surveyors are highly trained experts that survey ships to make sure they meet U.S. and global standards. They provide expert advice regarding the safety and value of marine equipment ranging from private yachts to cargo vessels. Marine surveyors may perform the following specific tasks: - examine and approve design plans of hulls and equipment such as main...

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Marine Surveyor Job Description

marine surveyor job

What Does a Marine Surveyor Do? A marine surveyor is someone that deals with water-based craft. That can mean everything from speedboats to ocean liners. Part of their job is to inspect and evaluate ships, fishing boats or yachts to make sure that the government classifications are met. They also check the vessels against the international regulations. In times of...

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Marine Surveyor Services

marine surveyor services

Marine surveyors have been around almost since the beginning of boats. They inspect and examine existing water going vessels to insure proper maintenance and safety equipment is functioning aboard the boat. They can also be hired to inspect new equipment prior to installation on a vessel in order to insure the equipment meets current specifications for marine vessels....

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Marine Surveyor Salary

marine surveyor salary

Most boat buyers are not experienced enough and aren’t mechanically knowledgeable to decide the value of their purchase. Marine Surveyors take the guesswork out, by completing detailed inspections of boats. They determine a vessel’s seaworthiness as well as give valuable insight on the condition of the boat. A good surveyor is familiar with a range of models,...

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