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Marine Surveyor Job Description

What Does a Marine Surveyor Do? A marine surveyor is someone that deals with water-based craft. That can mean everything from speedboats to ocean liners. Part of their job is to inspect and evaluate ships, fishing boats or yachts to make sure that the government classifications are met. They also check the vessels against the international regulations. In times of an accident, a marine surveyor can be called as an expert witness as well as an investigator.

marine surveyor job descriptionThere are some qualifications that you must have in order to be a good marine surveyor. First, you must love the water. That only makes sense, as most of your work will take place either in or on the water. Your oral, written and people skills must be excellent. An inquisitive mind is necessary when investigating or examining a survey. This is not a job where every thing is the same so you must be adaptable.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific jobs that a marine surveyor does. There are various surveys that should be taken throughout the life of a ship. Beginning with the time the ship is being built, the marine surveyor will check over the ship and make sure that the standards are being followed. In addition to the through survey or examination of the ship as it is being built, there is an annual survey that should be preformed on each vessel.

There are times when a special survey is requested and the marine surveyor will conduct the survey according to why the survey was requested. This sometimes happens after a major storm and damage to the vessel is suspected. Marine surveyors also inspect vessels prior to a sale. At other times they will perform inspections as requested by the international conventions as well as domestic statues.

Marine surveyors need a good grasp of mathematics and measuring because they are often called upon to measure ships for tonnage. In order to assign a load line the ships must be surveyed and measured. This is very important as an incorrect load line with too much tonnage being loaded could cause the ship to have extreme difficulties on its voyage. The other side to that being, that if the load line is under-calculated, then there will be wasted space that could have contained cargo. Salvage is another aspect of marine surveying.

Investigating accidents can be a difficult job and when those accidents happen on the water, the marine surveyor is called in. Because of their intense knowledge of both the water and the vessels, the marine surveyor can help interpret what happened in the accident. Not only does the marine surveyor help with the accident investigation, but also then, they attend court as an expert witness. They can also assist coroners in figuring out what causes deaths in accidents.

Another faction of marine surveying is working with insurance companies handle with insurance claims. The marine surveyor examines the vessel involved and files a report detailing what they have found. They also conduct fraud investigations to help protect the insurance companies from invalid fraud claims. By being able to provide a detailed report on all aspects of the condition of the vessel, the marine surveyor helps insurance companies weed out fraudulent claims and process legitimate claims.

marine surveyor jobWhen conducting an inspection on a vessel, there are many sections of the vessel that will be inspected. The hull will be the first thing inspected to make sure that the vessel is sea-worthy. The vessel will be dry-docked so that the part of the hull that is normally under water can be fully examined. However, the inspection does not end there, next will come the inside of the vessel. Different parts of the vessel such as the sea valves, the rudders and the propellers will be inspected along with ventilators, bulkheads, hatchways freeing ports, and fittings.

The marine surveyor will take readings on the vessel’s tail shaft and tail shaft bearings. They will also observe how the vessel reacts during tests on the different machinery and equipment. Machines will be opened so that the inside can be observed for the condition of its interior. Cargo gear will be tested and compared with testing standards to make sure that they are in correct ranges. As can be seen, marine surveyors conduct many important functions.

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